Mémoire de l’École Sainte-Claire

Exhibition created for Heritage Days 2021 in collaboration with Zerm association in the framework of Saisons Zéro, temporary occupancy project of the ancient Couvent des Clarisses in Roubaix.

The Convent of the Poor Clares of Roubaix is a heritage building from the 19th century that has been inactive for 10 years. Since the beginning of 2020, the Zerm association is installed in the building with the aim of reactivating it through various activities. The temporary occupation is known under the name of Saisons Zéro. This exhibition was devoted to the recovery of the memory of one of the most important spaces of the site, the former school wich operated from 1889 to 2008 . This space is still present in the memory of its students, many of whom are still present in the neighborhood and in the region.

The objective is not only to discover the history of a space that today has lost its original function but also to be able to confront old memories to a current context of occupation and reactivation of the building.

Mercedes Klausner / exhibition content
. Documentary installation, 274 x 152 cm . Intervened photographs and written testimonies on old documents collected and found at the site.
. Sound piece (8’37’’) developed from audio testimonies. Reconstruction of the space through the voice. Memories.

Zerm / scenography
Théo Poyer / graphic design

Sound piece (8’35”) based on the memories of two former students (1960 vs 1980)