Memory of a landscape or Abya Yala

Gunpowder, charcoal powder, acrylic paint and ink on paper
book-shaped object, 25×100 cm (closed) 25×200 cm (open), 2018

Piece that invites us to remember how the colonization of America was carried out, especially in Argentinean territory through the Conquest of the Desert. Its lenght seeks to commemorate the ancient pre-Hispanic manuscripts known as – códices- , most of which were burned during colonization. Abya Yala meaning “Land in its full Maturity”, “Vital Land” or “Blossoming Land”, is a pre-Columbian nomination for the American continent use by Indigenous community organizations.

Photo by Yosra Mohtajedi
Memory of landscape at BUNKER exhibition in La plus petite galerie du monde (OU PRESQUE), Roubaix, France, 2018 / Phoyo by Caroline Robe