Les souvenirs, persistent.

Installation, drawings on rubble (brick, glass debris, dust), 2020
This work takes part of the collection of the future Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palestine, a UNESCO project, since 2021.

A remnant of brick dust impregnates the surface, it survived the demolition. Possible everyday memories, ordinary for those who are unaware of their symbolism. The kitchen floor pattern that has been redrawn so many times by the children’s fingers, the entrance stairs that served as reading benches, the table served in the living room that, once again, prefigured the meeting…

These memories will remain beyond any physical destruction.
They persist, because they constitute us.

My childhood home is slowly disintegrating. My brother records the process from a neighboring balcony. A mural of a Van Gogh painting I did years ago still stands in the kitchen. ¬®You never thought it could be touched by the sun”, he told me.